What We Believe

The true success of a company can only be measured with the yardstick of time.  We believe in the values of tradition and innovation, social responsibility and respect for the environment.  As responsible actors in both the economic and social life of our communities, we must ensure that our practices reflect the very highest standards of integrity, responsibility and respect for all of our partners; this every day and everywhere in the world.

Our Commitment

Coopering is a craft and will always be so; however, by incorporating new ideas and age-old craftsmanship with existing methods we are now able to build a barrel that is stronger, consistent in size and quality with little variability. 

Our Vision

Time is on our side. 

This new signature expresses both the strength inherited from our history and our positive vision for the future.  It is because we know how to combine patience and action, that time is not only our ally, but also of our customer, our partners and our shareholders.

Jérôme François, CEO TFF